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Our Work

Our collaborative projects, programs and initiatives
work to improve the health of the Lompoc Valley.

By understanding the community and its needs, we prioritize interventions focused on local policy changes, infrastructure and system improvements and events or educational offerings that make the greatest impact for all. 

Together, We Make Good Health Happen

Where we live, work, play and learn influences our physical and mental health. There is much that can be done to create and maintain a healthy community in Lompoc. Healthier people produce greater economic outputs, consume fewer healthcare resources and lead better, longer lives. When you make healthy choices for you and your family, you are making the decision to live happier, healthier and longer.

The same goes for a community. With healthy policy, infrastructure, activity and program choices, the entire community has the opportunity to live a healthier life. Our efforts bring together individuals, organizations, businesses, funders and more across sector lines to recognize that a healthy community is a better community on virtually every measure of success and that healthy living should be within reach of all people.

Our Work Matters

In partnership with others, our work has made an impact for Lompoc. Some recent projects include…

  • Monthly Healthy Happenings informational health newsletter
  • #VaccinateLompoc COVID-19 community awareness campaign 
  • Census 2020 #LompocCounts outreach campaign 
  • Healthy People Healthy Trails physical activity promotion program
  • Active transportation event Lompoc Open Streets
  • Installation of Bicycle Repair Stations 
  • Installation of water bottle refill stations and Rethink Your Drink education
  • Healthy Eating Active Living “HEAL” cities initiative and wellness fair
  • Installation of Creative Crosswalks to promote commerce and walkability in downtown
  • Co-founding Route One Farmers Market to increase healthy local food access and support local farmers
  • Caring Together Lompoc caregiver support collaborative 
  • Promotion and education for students to walk and bike via Safe Routes To School 
  • Co-chairing the campaign to renovate the Lompoc Community Track & Field at Huyck Stadium

The LVCHO and Healthy Lompoc Coalition provide innovative and collaborative opportunities for increased access to community health initiatives that promote healthy eating, active living and mental wellness.

Emily Casarez, MSc.